Initiate an FBI-Investigation: Murder by U.S. institutions!

I sent the following letter at 2nd of July 2020 to the legal attache in the U.S. embassy in Berlin, including my personal data:

Dear ladies and gentlemen of the F.B.I.,

Talking about legal affairs the F.B.I. in the U.S. of America always seems to be a solid and uncorrupted factor.

Murder is a capital crime within the U.S. and outside – in every country of the human world. I assume the F.B.I. will follow every track for the prosecution of murder happened in the U.S. or committed by U.S. citizens.

When somebody dies violently, it is usual, to call the police, to start an investigation and to punish the culprits (and to give the relatives at least some relief as they are victims, too. Do not forget the innocent!).

Illustration eines Verbotsschilds für politische Attentate II

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In the worldwide news I lerned about a murder committed by U.S. citizens.

It is not clear for me, whether the man on the trigger did it from within or outside the territory of the U.S. and the bodies of the victims lay in another country.

I heard nothing about a prosecution of this crime – nowhere – not in the country, where the bodies were found, not in the country of the nationality of the victims and not in the U.S., which is obviously the country of the culprits.

I am annoyed and embarrassed. I am disgusted with revulsion by terrorism and brainless murder. Its plain crime and has to be punished.

Because of this I give you this letter of notice to initiate prosecution.

According to global guidelines, resp. international law, each country is responsible for its citizens. It’s called the active personality principle. On the other hand it could be possible, the culprits never left the U.S. and committed the crime from within the U.S. borders. You would be responsible then anyway.

What case am I talking about?

  • The victims are Quasem Soleimani, an official of iranian nationality, and several people, which I can’t call by name, guarding or accompaning him.
    (3rd of January 2020)
  • They were killed on the territory of the state Iraq.
  • The U.S.A. and the state of Iran are not at declared and open war and there has been no armed conflict at this point of time (no combat actions).
  • The culprits identified the victims and followed orders to kill them.
  • The culprits are assumably members of the U.S. Army. But it does not matter, because everybody is responsible for his actions (illegal orders are not valid).
  • U.S. President D. Trump tried to justify the murder in public speech. Assumably he had been informed before and is responsible as the Commander in Chief. Nobody is out of the reach of laws or above the law.
  • Agnès Callamard, Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions appointed by the United Nations Human Rights Council (OHCHR), called this assassination assumably illegal.
  • Some voices called the target of the murder a terrorist, but (as far as I know) there has never been a criminal investigation: No criminal investigation, no evidence, no warrant, no trial – it isn’t legal to just run around and kill suspects! – There are international possibilities (warrant, cooperation) to grant the rule of laws. You should know them better than me – they weren’t used (as far as I know).
  • Revenge always leads to further revenge. It is no excuse for illegal actions, but a motive. It is to the rule of law to break such infinite circles.

In comparison it is like US-Military bombed the town Chicago to the ashes because they got the intel, that Al Capone is in a hotel in Chicago this very moment. Without a trial or even trying to stay under the rule of law. And with no thought about the innocent.

  • Law and justice ruling everywhere. There is no room left.

I don’t really expect, Iran or Iraq will initiate a legal prosecution, because they have no tradition in this. But I expect it from the U.S.A. – keep going forward with a good example or you will surely damage your moral reputation.

I believe in the natural right of bodily integrity. I condemn the assassination of human beings. Legal procedures and the rule of law are of higher value.

Thank you for your time. I would appreciate, if you would keep me informed.
Kind regards.

P.S. 1: If I am wrong somewhere, please tell me.

P.S. 2: If you want to understand me better, you may read my article, I sent to the U.S. embassy in Berlin on 20th of January 2020. It is in german language, but I am sure, the F.B.I. has the capacities to translate it adequately. – I just got an auto-response.

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