About the measurement of greatness of states and false pride

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Greatness, strength, glory of a nation – What’s that?

In politics the term greatness, strength, glory of a nation occurs again and again. But what should this be? – There are different appoaches to this question:

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Initiate an FBI-Investigation: Murder by U.S. institutions!

I sent the following letter at 2nd of July 2020 to the legal attache in the U.S. embassy in Berlin, including my personal data:

Dear ladies and gentlemen of the F.B.I.,

Talking about legal affairs the F.B.I. in the U.S. of America always seems to be a solid and uncorrupted factor.

Murder is a capital crime within the U.S. and outside – in every country of the human world. I assume the F.B.I. will follow every track for the prosecution of murder happened in the U.S. or committed by U.S. citizens.

When somebody dies violently, it is usual, to call the police, to start an investigation and to punish the culprits (and to give the relatives at least some relief as they are victims, too. Do not forget the innocent!).

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